Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, my family and I moved to Colorado in 1999 where I continued to train with the Olympic Training Center at the World Arena as a solo, competitive, figure skater. As I met a technical threshold and artistically became more and more bizarre it became clear that it was time to move on. I have dreams about directing a performance art extravaganza on ice.

I currently live in the Berkely neighborhood of Denver where I work as a freelance artist in many genres and also offer community services to local businesses and families. I am developing a niche for my interdisciplinary approach in the performing and visual arts. I work as an installation artist, designer, fabricator, technician and carpenter for several theatre and dance companies in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. I teach interdisciplinary classes and workshops for various institutions and I am currently offering an open-level, public class on interdisciplinary creative processes and meditational body awareness. Furthermore, I have the privilege to co-coordinate, document research, and participate with an investigational performance company based in Denver and Boulder called, The Movement Improvisation Laboratory ( I am also a writer and web developer for an alternative media source that gives voice to underserved arts and artists along the front range of Colorado, called the Living Arts Chronicle (

In 2010, I debuted a new solo work titled, Pathways, during residency in Durango, Colorado at Fort Lewis College. The piece is an autobiographical work that stems from a culmination and distillation of writing and artifacts from my time spent in rehabilitation as a teen. Since then I have built and exhibited more than fourteen solo and collaborative multidisciplinary performances, many of which can be seen in my portfolio. My artistic lineage includes Robert Morris, Trisha Brown, Jan Fabre, Pina Bausch, Mary Overlie, Anna and Lawrence Halprin and I have been greatly influenced by the sculptural processes of Antony Gormley and Louise Bourgeois.

In March 2011, long-time collaborator and sculptor, Keli Sequoia and I co-founded Denver Performance Research. DPR is an experimental art and social practice space that offers new durational, multidisciplinary work in participation with the First Friday Art Walk in the Historic Tennyson Art District. DPR provides a place for artists to trade repurposed materials, is committed to serving the neighborhood with progressive art, and questions where art lives, and how we interact with it.

In the coming summers, I hope to pursue an invitation from La MaMa Umbria International and Offucina Eclectic Arts to be an artist in residence in Spoleto, Italy. The residency will provide me the opportunity to create a new work in collaboration with international colleagues attending the summer symposium.  The piece will be shown as a work in progress at either the La MaMa Umbria grounds or in the town of Spoleto. I am grateful to have been able to travel across the country while I’ve been out of school to train with professional artists and colleagues as I continue to shape my artistic voice.

Keli Sequoia and I hope to show our new collaborative work at Denver Performance Research this Spring.  

With each new work and a consistent creative practice, I carve out more of my artistic voice, which stands for riveting, visual, tactile experiences that present a point of tension between somatic, domestic, therapeutic and environmental beliefs. I anticipate uncovering sculptural resources and environmental meditations that will further integrate my performance and visual art practice.




BA Theatre: Performance and Directing, Summa Cum Laude with Honors, Fort Lewis College. Durango, Colorado.


Professional Internship with La MaMa Umbria International Director’s Symposium, Umbria, Italy.


Undergraduate study in Visual and Performing Arts, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Awards & Honors

  • Invited by La MaMa Umbria International and Offucina Eclectic Arts for an artist residency in Umbria, Italy
  • Summa Cum Laude with Honors Graduate at Fort Lewis College, 2009
  • National Honors Society
  • Highest Theatre Achievement Award, 2009
  • Recipient of the Research Grant at Fort Lewis College, 2009
  • Deans List Honors At Fort Lewis College, 2008-2009
  • Invited to represent Fort Lewis College at Colorado State Thespian Convention, 2008
  • Invited to speak and the Community Based Learning and Research Showcase, 2008
  • Betty Haskel Theatre Scholarship, Fort Lewis College, 2008
  • Erteszek Foundation Scholarship for Highest Theatrical Achievement, Fort Lewis College, 2008

Professional Training


Primordial Sound Meditation | James Gardner

Bartineiff Technique | Lindsey Hanahan

Creative Process | BeBe Miller

Body Mind Centering | K.J. Holmes

Life/Art Process & Movement Ritual | Anna Halprin, The Tamalpa Institute           


Floor Barre as taught by Jean Hamilton  | Mary Overlie

The Six Viewpoints Theory & Practice | Mary Overlie

Improvisational Form | K.J. Holmes


Philanthropy in Performance, Beth Osnes |Mothers Acting Up

The Six Viewpoints Theory & Practice | Mary Overlie **extensive study

Sound & Movement | Naum Panovski

West African Dance | Patrick Acogny and Pescal Ryter

Puppetry | Federico Resrepo, LOCO7

Moment Work | Leigh Fondakowski, Tectonic Theatre Project

The Core | Joel Zwick


Dance Improvisation | Kathryn Moller


Exploding the Space | Richard Malcom

Writing as Visual Art | Marge Kahn

Mask Ritual | Marilyn HetzelThe Art of Vocal Production | Vivian Kakowski


200 hr Teaching Certification for Hatha Vinyasa Yoga | Corepower Yoga

Viewpoints & Suzuki Method  | SITI Company


Improvisation & Comedy Sketch Writing | The Second City, Chicago


Womens Solo Freestyle Competitive Figure Skating | World Arena, Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Point

Professional Experience


- Installation Artist | Control Group Productions | Denver, CO

- Installation Artist, Technical Director, Lighting Designer | "Embodied Poetics" with Naropa University | Boulder, CO

- Properties Fabrication | National Theatre Conservatory, Denver Center Theatre Company | Denver, CO

- Technical Director, Lighting Designer | Naropa University School of Performing Arts MFA Thesis Presentations | Boulder, CO

- Scenic Designer, Carpenter, Lighting Designer | "Uncle Rooster" with Countdown to Zero | Denver, CO

- Installation Artist, Lighting Designer | "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" with The Lida Project | Denver, CO


- Company Member, Manager/Coordinator, Blogger | The Movement Improvisation Laboratory | Denver, Colorado

- Co-Founder & Artistic Director | Denver Performance Research

- Writer & Publisher | The Artist Chronicle | A bi-monthly art publication

- Writer, Web Builder & Board Member | Arts Critic Blog


- Teaching | “Entering the Body Creatives” class with Between The Bones

- Technician, Electrician | Garner Galleria Theatre, Denver Center for the Performing Arts | Denver, CO

- Technical Director, Lighting Designer | "The Empty Pot" with Between the Bones Ensemble | Denver, CO

- Technical Director, Lighting Designer | "Save the Day" with Fresh Blood Collective | Denver, CO


- Multi-Disciplinary Residency | Emerging Artist Program Fundraiser for Fort Lewis College

- Resident Teaching Artist | “Body and Voice Empowerment Workshops for Teens” at Grandview High School

- Resident Teaching Artist | “Sculptformance Workshop Series” at Packing House Center for the Arts


- Resident Teaching Artist | “Creative Freedom for Teens dealing with Pain” at Ronald McDonald House, Rochester, Minnesota

- Teaching Artist | Community Sculptformance Workshop Series and Cumulative Installation


- Teaching | “The Six Viewpoints Theory & Practice” as taught by Mary Overlie for Rocky Mountain Theatre Association

- Teaching | Children’s Theatre Classes ages 4-13 | Rocky Mountain Theatre Association


Exhibitions :  Theatre (T) Dance (D) Multidisciplinary (M)

                        - Title | (T, D or M) | Role | Other Authors if Applicable | Venue | Location


- The Residue Phase V | (M) | Performer, Choreographer, Installation Artist | Keli Sequoia, Sculptor & William Burns, Sound Designer | Denver Performance Research | Denver, Colorado

- The Residue Phase IV | (M) | Performer, Choreographer, Installation Artist | Keli Sequoia, Sculptor & William Burns, Sound Designer | Denver Performance Research | Denver, Colorado

- Reinventing The Infinite | (M) | Performer, Choreographer, Installation Artist | Denver Performance Research with And Toto Too Theatre Company | Denver, Colorado

- The Residue Phase III | (M) | Performer, Choreographer, Installation Artist | Keli Sequoia, Sculptor | Denver Performance Research | Denver, Colorado

- The Residue Phase II | (M) | Performer, Choreographer, Installation Artist | Keli Sequoia, Sculptor | Denver Performance Research | Denver, Colorado

- The Residue Phase I | (M) | Performer, Choreographer, Installation Artist | Keli Sequoia, Sculptor | Denver Performance Research | Denver, Colorado

-When We Were Beautiful & All That Came After | (D) (M) | Installation Artist, Run Crew | Control Group Productions | The Bindery Space in Denver, Colorado

- Unknown Protest 1, 2, & 3 | (M) | Performer, Sound Designer | Denver Performance Research | Denver, Colorado


- Pathways II, III | (M) | Performer, Writer, Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Installation Artist, Sound Designer | The Packing House Center for the Arts | Denver, Colorado

- Pathways I (Sculptformance) | (M) | Performer, Writer, Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Installation Artist, Sound Designer | Fort Lewis College Gallery as a Resident Emerging Artist | Durango, Colorado

- Sex, Drugs, and My Room-Mates Boyfriend | (T) | Director, Sound Designer, Sculptor | Fort Lewis College Peer Theatre Project | Durango, Colorado


- SSTEMS | (M) | Installation Artist, Teacher, Public Speaker | Fort Lewis College Lobby | Durango, Colorado


- Humble Body | (M) | Performer | Fort Lewis College Mainstage | Durango, Colorado

- Essence Live Art | (M) | Performer | Shannon Iris, Director & Desiree Henderson, Writer | Starlight Lounge | Durango, Colorado

- The Bridge between China and Tibet | (M) | Butoh Artist | Matthew Mount, Co-Creator | Outdoors, Site Specific | Durango, Colorado


-  Un Sung Aung San Suu Kyi | (T) (D) | Director, Choreography, Lighting Designer, Electrician, Musician | Fort Lewis College Gallery | Durango, Colorado

- Performing The Process | (M) | Performer and Installation Artist | University of Colorado Gallery | Colorado Springs, Colorado



2011             - Web Developer | The Living Arts Chronicle

2007             - Box Office Manager and Bookkeeper | Diamond Circle Melodrama | Durango, Colorado