I create body-based art, using movement, everyday objects, sound, text and site-specific development. I am interested in perceptions of the utilitarian, material capabilities, and transparency.

Objects and materials serve both in their stillness as images and also in movement and liveness with performance. They make sound, disappear, transform, and reveal. My focus is not solely with the body or with objects, but with the engaged and active space in between the two. I work with ordinary materials that are at once familiar and yet not themselves. As an artist and designer, the tactile and sensorial qualities are important both functionally and aesthetically. My multidisciplinary processes include making clothing, building furniture and constructing objects.

Movement, dance, and choreography is created with scores for action, duration, image, and improvisation. These constraints are supported by somatic study and anatomical research. Through this complexity I question the tools in which we use to navigate between the inner and the outer.

Improvisation is a practice of observing, listening and of participation. It is a place to experience acknowledgement, unknowing, the effort to understand, and the willingness to live. 

I am interested in blurring the boundaries of the performance space and acknowledging the physical exchange between performer and viewer. My work considers spatial capabilities of ‘a stage’ as it lives in the theatre, the gallery, and private and public space. I move between the intimacy of one-on-one performances and the larger visibility of public space works.

B I O G R A P H Y :

Amelia Charter is a performance artist, teacher, and writer. She earned her BA in Performance and Directing from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, was co-founder of Denver Performance Research (2009 - 2012), and received an MFA and fellowship in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2014). Amelia’s works have been featured in Los Angeles at The Electric Lodge, Paloma Street Studio, and Pieter - in Chicago at Sector 2337, Defibrillator Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Co-Prosperity Sphere, and Links Hall - in Philadelphia at the Museum of Art and Mascher Space Cooperative - and internationally at Kriti Gallery in Varanasi, India.

Charter is currently also a technical director for all-girls school, grades 7th – 12th, in Los Angeles. As their TD she leads students tech crews through productions working backstage, building sets, stage managing, and exploring dramaturgy and design. She teaches a shop class where young students learn basic carpentry and shop protocols. Beyond her work with schools, Charter’s teaching offers methods for shaping multidisciplinary artwork that serves not only the creative process, but offers tools for living a better life through artistry and awareness.