Amelia Charter is a performance artist, teacher, and writer. Her interdisciplinary practice cultivates a bridge suspended between human presence, matter, and site. Her performances arrive out of embodiment investigations, body-mind practices, improvisation, sculptural configurations, and experimental writing. Her garments, furniture and installations hybridize functional and poetic qualities, bringing multiple meanings to everyday objects through sonic and tactile play. Her work often concerns motherliness, disobedience, dwelling, and the utilitarian. Charter regularly performs one-on-one, and both her solo and collaborative work has been featured at Defibrillator Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Links Hall, with Second-Floor Rear, and at the Bits and Pieces monthly Salon in Chicago, and in artist-run organizations and larger curations in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Denver and internationally in India. She earned her BA in Performance and Directing, was co-founder of Denver Performance Research, and received an MFA and fellowship in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Charter is currently working with artists KJ Holmes and Adam Kerbel. She also offers private creative restorative sessions, and for over four years has coordinated a movement improvisation laboratory.