My artwork explores movement, materials, and duration by hybridizing sculpture and live performance. Both my live events of performance and fine art works are meditations on performance space, audienceship, wildness, and the utilitarian.

As an artist and designer, the tactile and sensorial qualities are important both functionally and aesthetically. My multidisciplinary processes include making clothing, building furniture and objects, and collecting things. Objects and materials both serve in their stillness as images but also in movement and liveness with performance. My interest is not solely with the body or with objects, but with the engaged and active space in between the two. Arrangements and configurations transform the narrative of the objects, place, and the body. 

Performances are designed with interconnected scores and constraints for embodiment, action and improvisation. The score shapes the improvisation through a sequence actions, combinations, and points of contact. For me, improvisation is a practice of observing, listening and of participation. It is a place to experience acknowledgement, unknowing, the effort to understand, and the willingness to live. The necessary limitations fuse together concentration and openness. Embodiment constraints are informed by somatic or physical study. I use body mind practices and anatomical research to learn more about different systems and parts of the human body. Through this complexity I question the tools in which we use to navigate between the inner and the outer.

I am interested in blurring the boundaries of performance spaces and acknowledging the challenging exchange between performer and viewer. By calling out my audience, by getting into close proximity, and by confusing our casual and abstract behaviors, I try to shorten the distance between performance and witness. As such, the work lives in many contexts, galleries, studios, theatres, homes, the public, and for audiences of many and audiences of one. This practice furthermore extends into community and public workshops. 

B I O G R A P H Y :

Amelia Charter is a performance artist, teacher, and writer. Amelia’s works have been featured in Chicago at Sector 2337, Defibrillator Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Links Hall, in Philadelphia at the Museum of Art and Mascher Space Cooperative, at Paloma Street Studios and The Electric Lodge in Los Angeles, on Governor’s Island in New York, and internationally at Kriti Gallery in Varanasi, India. She earned her BA in Performance and Directing, was co-founder of Denver Performance Research, and received an MFA and fellowship in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.